Friday, July 9, 2010

Days 15-18

The latest batch of journal pages I've done. I'm going to try to get a few more done this weekend, since the boyfriend is working all weekend.

Day 15. This prompt was actually supposed to be a list of goals for the month, but because I'm so far behind and it's already a week into July, I decided to make some goals for the remainder of the summer.

Day 16. What are you wearing today? I wish I'd been wearing something more excited for this page, but this is pretty much my work uniform now. Khaki, black, navy, or dark brown pants with a company collared shirt. Since I don't have company shirts yet, I just wear a plain black, navy, or white shirt. Boring.

Day 17. Illustrate a day. This is my idea of a pretty perfect day. I could use a day like this. Like, now. I do have another beach trip coming up soon, so I'm looking forward to that.

Day 18. The prompt for this day was to create a playlist. I've been planning my imaginary wedding a lot (what? I have a lot of friends getting married, it's hard not to get caught up in it all!), so I've had love songs on my mind, potential songs to be played at the imaginary reception. And the majority of these are country songs. I go through phases of what kind of music I'm listening to at the time, and I've been in a country phase for a while. It happens. However, "When You Say Nothing at All" has been a favorite for a long, long time. "Don't" is the song that reminded me of the boyfriend when we first started seeing each other. It's my ringtone for him on my phone. And "Give Me That Girl" makes me think of us now.

Now I'm off to watch a couple of movies I got from the Red Box. If I don't fall asleep ten minutes into it. Having a job is exhausting.

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