Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Days 19-23

Almost all caught up. I hate to feel like I'm rushing through the pages, but I want to be finished before Monday, when the Journaling for a Cause class starts.

Day 19. The prompt was to create a guide to your city or state. I have to be honest, the reason for the long lag between the last pages and this one is because I didn't know what I would put in a guide to my state, much less a guide to my city. I wouldn't recommend this small town for a vacation, is all. So these are a few of the things I like about Georgia, but there are truly some much better states to visit.

Day 20. What's in your bag? I just bought a new purse,this one, in natural. I love it. The contents are less than thrilling.

Day 21. The prompt was to write a favorite quote. I'm constantly bookmarking quotes I find online or writing down quotes I come across, like just about everyone else in the world. This is one I saw on Marta's website. I love it.

Day 22. Your favorite holiday. I don't know, I so wanted to not be a cliche and choose something other than Christmas, but I do love Christmas. I love decorating. I love choosing gifts for the people I love, especially when I find that one perfect thing. And I geek out over deciding my wrapping "theme" every year. Putting up a tree in my boyfriend's house last year right after I'd moved in was pretty awesome.

Day 23. Fill an entire page with one of the elements of art: line, color, shape, space, texture, or form. This is one of my favorites. When I was in an art class in high school, we had to fill an entire page with one continuous line, and for some reason I loved it. It's been a while since I've done it again, but I thought of it immediately when I read this prompt.

And that's it for now. Seven more prompts to go. Hopefully I can get them done this week. My caseload at work is extremely low right now. As in, I got a total of 1.75 hours today. Yeah, what am I even doing there? Not only do I hate my job, but I'm hardly making any money. Blah.


  1. I absolutely love your quote and line pages! I was trying to do this challenge, as well, but got way behind and have been trying to catch up, too!

    I'm excited to see you're taking the Journal for a Cause class (I am too!)

    (I also can relate to the job. I just graduated from college and am still working my college job while trying to find a full-time position.)

    This is a random and long comment, but I just wanted to say hello and that I definitely relate!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I love comments, even long and random ones. I especially like to hear that people can relate. I know a ton of people are going through the same thing, but it helps to actually put a face to those people.