Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Report Card

I think I will try to post an 11 in ’11 update each month, report card style, to keep myself on track. So here goes:
  • Keep saving $100 a month: A-, because I did save the $100, but I had some extra I could have saved this month and did not, so that extra was whittled away, spent on silly little things (but also some good things, like dinners out with friends)
  • Start an Etsy store: B, because I have begun the process but really could have done more
  • Try a new recipe every month: N/A yet, because I have the new recipe and all of the ingredients. I plan to make it tomorrow night
  • Send birthday cards: A+, because I sent birthday cards to the 2 friends with January birthdays
  • Finish every project: C, because out of two projects I began in January, one is complete and the other is about 75% complete, staring at me from a prominent spot in the living room
  • Read 12 books: A, because I finished one book and will have another finished before this month is over
  • Spend more time outside: D, because I need to do better, but it’s cooooold!
  • Keep one houseplant alive: N/A, because I haven’t yet found The One
  • Walk 365 miles: F, because I have walked on the treadmill exactly twice this month, ugh
  • Throw a party: N/A, because, not yet. But I have definitely put a lot of thought into exactly what kind of party I want to throw this year
  • Date night every month: A+, because we had Date DAY Sunday, and it was such a great day, and I can’t wait to have the next one!

Areas to improve:

  • I definitely need to make more of an effort to get time on the treadmill. The days that I did it, I just came home and immediately changed into walking clothes. I didn’t give myself time to sit down or try to talk myself out of it, so I think that’s the key. I think 365 miles is still doable, because while I am only walking .5-1 mile at a time right now, I am hoping to build up my stamina and be able to walk much longer distances. I know, I am beyond out of shape. It’s pathetic.
  • I need to get outside more, I know this. I really will, once it gets a little warmer outside. I do love sitting outside on the porch swing, just not when it’s 30-40 degrees outside.
  • I need to begin the search for The Houseplant. The One I am going to keep alive all year. Such a lofty goal.

So there you have it. I think overall I’d give myself a C+/B-. Anyone else make goals for 2011 that you want to report on? Make me feel better about my less than stellar grades!


  1. I applaud your success so far! Keep going!

    I'm in the middle of moving this weekend, and am not sure I'll have neighbors that will let me unknowingly borrow their internet at the new place, but I guess I'll figure that out soon enough.

    But I plan to post a report card on my January efforts so far.

    Good luck finding The One. I think something green and vine-like would do nicely, put of Peri's reach of course. Say! You shoul research dog friendly plants... OR look into some small sort of herb garden. That would be cool, and you could cook with it.

    Enough procrastinating. Back to packing/moving I go.

  2. Ok first of all I had no idea you had a blog. I love this and I really think it would be so therapeutic for me, I just worry that I wouldn't be good at it! Look how awesome yours is...I would worry mine would suck...