Saturday, January 1, 2011

a new year

the boy and i, and our sad attempt at a sparkler heart

Over here, Leah mentioned that her dad posed two questions:

What is different for you from one year ago?


How do you want to be different one year from now?

I love it, so I'm stealing it!

At first thought, it doesn't seem like much is different for me from one year ago. But when I started thinking a little harder, I realized that quite a few things have changed.

I've now spent a whole year living with a boy after never living with a boy before (okay, I had a male housemate, but he's my best friend and doesn't count for these purposes.). I've also now been in a serious relationship for almost two years, the longest for me.

I have a Master's degree, where I didn't have one a year ago.

I have a "grown-up" job, meaning I am working in the field for which I went to school for an eternity.

As for how I want to be different one year from now, I think my answers are probably pretty cliche.

I want to have more money saved.

I want to feel healthier.

And I want to have a successful etsy shop. This is one of my goals for 2011: to open an etsy store. I really want this to work out, and I'm going to work hard toward this goal.

I actually have 11 goals for 2011. I feel like if I call them resolutions, I am setting myself up for failure. I'll be back soon, with my little list of goals, and perhaps a peek at a journal to keep track of my goals.

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