Monday, November 1, 2010

last weekend, I...

spent time at a craft show with my boyfriend's mom, aunts, and cousin.
spent maybe too much money at said craft show.
felt like drawing--so I did! And I liked it!
didn't feel like going anywhere Saturday night--so I didn't! And I liked it!
watched a lot of Dexter on DVD--I'm on season 4!
went out to eat with my boyfriend at one of my favorite restaurants.
did laundry, washed dishes, and other boring stuff.
made progress on training the pup to stop jumping already GOOD GRIEF!

Not an extremely event-filled weekend, but a much-needed relaxing weekend.

Oh, see that awesome typewriter badge to the right, and the banner at the top of this post? Yeah... I'm not usually good at the whole following-through thing (as evidenced by previous posts referring to art journal workshops which I never finished); however, I am determiend to stick with this. A post a day for the month of November.

I have started a list of possible topics in case I get stuck, so there might be some lame list-type posts around here this month. We'll see.

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