Tuesday, September 21, 2010

last weekend, I...

spent time with my boyfriend, who was off all weekend.
cut and punched 900+ circles for garland.
hung finished garland from deer antlers to annoy my boyfriend:

learned that Peri is so much sweeter when we are home with her all day.
got tipsy after one glass of apple raspberry wine.
watched a lot of Bones on dvd.
took my mom to a play.
worked so I can be off this Friday.
watched leaves fall from the trees every time the wind blew.
ate grilled steak and grilled pork chops.
sat on the porch with my boy and my dog.

It was a good weekend.

I'm a little behind on my journal pages, but I'm also behind on taking pictures of the pages I've finished. I'll get on that soon.

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