Sunday, August 8, 2010

Journaling for a Cause Days 11-14

I had a kind of busy end of week/weekend. Didn't so much get behind on my journal; just on taking pictures and uploading.

Day 11, Thursday, was "3 Things I Can't Live Without":

I decided to focus on things rather than the obvious here (family, friends, food, water, etc.).

For day 12, it was all about today. What did you do today? How was your day? Good thing this fell on a Friday, or else I would have had a rather boring journal page for this prompt!

I had a really good day Friday, hanging out with my mom. I really do hope to make that happen more often.

Day 13 was a page about your childhood dreams. Thinking of my childhood always makes me think of my cousin, "Sally." We were so close when we were younger, always at my grandmother's house together, spending the weekend there. We argued like sisters (she is 2 or 3 years younger than I am), but otherwise played really well together, with lots of pretending. Even though we are completely different people now (both different from our childhood selves, and different as in complete opposites of each other), when we do get together, it's like no time has passed.

And finally, day 14. This was a fun challenge. Find 5 things lying around to use on your journal page. I used a cute card I bought in the dollar section of Target Friday, a piece of ribbon I love, a piece of a tag from the purse I bought a few weeks ago, some shrinky dink charms I made that were useless because I forgot to punch holes in them, and a piece of woodgrain scrapbook paper. I love how it all seems to go together so well! Then I just wrote a little bit about how I'm feeling today. It's been a pretty great weekend.


  1. oh my gosh. wasn't inception the best movie?! and um, can we say joseph-gordon levitt... hooottt. :)

  2. It was excellent! And Joseph-Gordon Levitt definitely grew into a fine young man. My mom whispered, "Do we know him?," meaning, have we seen him in something, and I said, "Remember 3rd Rock from the Sun?" How long ago was that?!