Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 10

Day 10. Today's prompt was to illustrate something you collect. This is a terrible drawing. But today was my first day at my new job, and even though it was just a paperwork/orientation day, I'm kind of emotionally drained. Mainly from working myself up into a big ball of anxiety leading up to today. Only to have to work myself back up into a bigger ball of anxiety for Friday, when I will be treating! Patients! On my own!

Who decided I can handle this responsibility? That's what I want to know. Because they have a lot more faith in my than I have in myself, that's for sure.

So, you know, if I don't update anymore after Thursday night, it's because the responsibility proved too much for me to handle and I have probably ended up in the loony bin. Or something.

Anyway! The journal page. I collect poison rings. I do. I did. I haven't bought one in a long time, but someday I will resume my collection. I love them.

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